Thursday, 24 September 2009

The sexyest and best invention EVER

I finally gave in to my 'need' for an iphone and took the plunge last week to pay out the cash for a nice shiny new iPhone 3Gs. And since then its been an extension of my hand. One of my housemates at the moment also has just got one and we both sit there on the sofa iphones in hand winding up the rest of the house. It has to be said apple know exactly how to make a sexy product.. if anything the iphone is too good looking, I have had to cover its smooth curves with a rubberized case to protect my new pride and joy from my drunk antics. It's like a mini mac in your hand, all your internet needs bundled into a shiny little package. An on going joke now in the house however following the 'there is an app for everything' advert campaign were anything said or done in the house someone pipes up with 'theres an app for that'. It has to be said though that the accessibility to the world trough the palm of your hand is something quite addictive.. whether the novelty will soon ware off i'm not sure. The iphone however is definitely the 'in thing' in todays culture for the moment anyway. 

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  1. You my friend are an idiot, don't have a blog if you can say nothing interesting about a shit product that everybody has already had to hear about for years now, not to mention your inability to spell even the most simple words.